Restaurants encouraged to take up organic menu challenge in September


Chefs are encouraged to take the Organic September Menu Challenge as part of the Soil Association Organic September.

Restaurants and cafes are challenged to put organic on the menu, whether it’s creating an “organic September” menu option with organic ingredients or just switching to an organic thing like dairy, meat or fresh produce.

Organic food and drink in restaurants has grown by more than 10% in the past year, but 48% of people believe that there are not enough restaurants serving food from ethical and sustainable sources and two-thirds think it is not easy to determine if organic food and drink is available. A third would be more likely to eat in a restaurant that qualifies as organic.

Sarah Jupp of Soil Association Certification said, “Our research tells us that people want to see more organic food when they eat out. Asking restaurants to try organic for the month means they can dive into a more sustainable sourcing mode and play an important role in educating diners about the benefits of organic for health, wildlife, and food. environment and animal welfare. For customers, we hope the Menu Challenge will help explain what organic really means, while also strengthening the connection between what you buy and eat and where it comes from. We are delighted that people have the chance to experience food the way it should be.

Menu Challenge participants are encouraged to promote their involvement using the hashtag #organicseptember on social media and to use the campaign logo on their menus and websites to show their support.

For restaurants and cafes that want to make an ongoing commitment to organic, the Soil Association offers the Organic Served Here rewards program. The program offers a 1 to 5 star rating based on the percentage of the menu that is organic, raises the profile of restaurants that use certified organic products, and helps diners find organic restaurants near them.

Neil Forbes, Head Director of Cafe St Honoré in Edinburgh, the first restaurant to receive the Organic Served Here award, said: Menu Challenge is a great place to start. Not only are the organic ingredients superior, but commercially it makes sense at a time when more and more consumers expect assured quality, provenance and traceability. I really believe that every restaurant should have at least one organic dish on its menu. By butchering in-house there is a lot of savings to be made, removing the middleman and using all the cuts of the animal. It is also a great way to train staff. Buying seasonally and in bulk, and making everything from scratch can also have a big impact. This approach keeps my kitchen team challenged, engaged and enthusiastic.

Organic September, an initiative launched by the Soil Association over a decade ago, aims to celebrate food the way it should be, by showcasing companies that work hard to produce and use food with fewer pesticides, dyes and preservatives. artificial, the highest standards of animal welfare. and no GM ingredients. The campaign helps people find, try and buy organic products.

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