Uses, Benefits, and How to Prepare at Home

Jeevamrutha preparation

Jeevamrutha is a natural, low budget, fermented microbial preparation that enriches the soil and helps the growth of microorganisms and improves soil mineralization.

This bio-pesticide contains almost 10% alcohol when sprayed on crops. Preliminary tests on a few plants must be carried out to observe the harmful effects such as burning of leaves, falling, wilting, etc. biopesticides, the alcohol concentration should be diluted with water as alcohol-based pesticides leave no residue on plants or soil and wash off easily with rain / water. Biopesticides are naturally degradable once their pest control objective has been reached.

There are three types of Jeevamrutha depending on the amount of water it contains:

What is the use of Jeevamrutha?

Below we have mentioned the uses and benefits of Jeevamrutha;

  • It can be made at negligible cost with locally available plant leaves and urine.

  • It has no side effects on soil and products.

  • It boosts the plant and its growth, gives a good yield.

  • Gives resistance against pests and diseases.

  • Increases the activity of beneficial organisms and promotes organic carbon in the soil.

How to prepare Jeevamrutha at home

Follow the steps below to easily create Jeevamrutha;

  • Take all the fresh leaves of tender succulents, leaves and shoots, which are crushed into a paste.

  • Add to this fresh urine in a ratio of 1: 3 (leaves: urine by weight). Creatinine present in urine inhibits bacterial growth but allows the growth of yeasts or fungi.

  • Then soaking dry yeast (1-2g) in sugar / jiggery, mixed in water (9100ml per 10 liters of biopesticide) – this baker’s yeast culture is added to the rest of the ingredients.

  • The mixture is then allowed to ferment for at least 2 weeks and the solid slurry is separated and pressed.

  • The separated sludge is then used as an organic fertilizer and the filtered liquid is used as a bio-pesticide to kill eggs, larvae and adult pests on crops and trees.

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