Beatrice Society Launches Portfolio of Functional Mushroom Infused Coffee Products


The holding company specializing in psychedelics and functional mushrooms presents high quality coffee, infused with mushroom extracts, with the aim of uplifting and improving the way we live

TORONTO, October 26, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Beatrice Company, one of the leading psychedelics and mushroom-focused discovery and holding companies, today launched its flagship website which includes both editorial content developed by authoritative voices and an ecommerce arm for providing consumers with high quality, functional (non-psychedelic) mushroom infused products.

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Beatrice Society presents three mushroom infused coffee specialties: Longevity, Cognition and Performance. (Photo: Business Wire)

Leading education center for the exploration of functional fungi and psychedelics

The Beatrice Society website is a trusted destination for those interested in learning more about the role psychedelics play in medicine and therapy and exploring functional mushroom products. As a leading resource for mushroom education, the website will be a hub of education for people to learn, explore and discover, while its e-commerce platform offers the best products. for consumers to integrate the benefits of various strains of functional fungi into their daily lives.

When high-quality coffee meets functional mushrooms

Beatrice Society has partnered with award-winning Toronto roast, Coffee roasters for its mushroom-infused coffee. With a seasonal coffee bean rotation, the initial product launch will use Colombian coffee from the Acevedo region – a full-bodied, well-balanced coffee with hints of cherry liqueur, panela, milk chocolate and yellow fruits. candied.

Beatrice Society presents three specialty coffees infused with mushrooms, including:

LONGEVITY is imbued with Reishi, also called the queen of adaptogens. It is known to help improve sleep and relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve overall health and well-being.

COGNITION contains Lion’s mane, also called a brain adaptogen. It is known to help with general cognitive function and supports memory, focus, focus, and the nervous system.

PERFORMANCE takes advantage of the advantages of Cordyceps, also known as an athlete’s adaptogen. A vibrating mushroom known to help increase energy and stamina, and support athletic performance and recovery.

“Coffee is not just a conduit or a method of accessing the benefits of mushrooms, the quality and flavor of the brew is an important part of the experience,” says Eric Vieira, Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Beatrice Society. “Infusing the beans with pure mushroom extract enhances the health properties of your morning coffee, enhancing the coffee experience and increasing quality of life over time while maintaining the routine we all enjoy.”

Beatrice Society Mushroom Extracts are made from certified organic mushrooms, grown on natural, species-specific substrates, free from sterile labs or artificial conditions, and sourced from the premier supplier of Certified Organic Mushroom Extracts based in British Columbia. , Nammex.

“Our mushrooms are grown in greenhouses and shade houses with natural light and natural fresh air flow,” said Jeff Chilton, founder of Nammex and mushroom supplier to Beatrice Society. “It’s important that we grow our mushrooms the same way you want your food to be produced – on a farm maintained by real people, not in a lab run by technicians.”

Société Beatrice coffees are available across Canada, online at

How Canadians feel about functional mushrooms

A recent survey commissioned by the Beatrice Society found that while many Canadians are open to the idea of ​​functional mushrooms and holistic healing, many are unaware of the varieties and the health benefits they present beyond them. of nutrition.

The main highlights of the survey include:

● The majority (93%) of Canadians have not tried functional mushrooms, however, 48% of Canadians are willing to try functional mushrooms if they knew they could impact their health and well-being. in general.

● 12% of Canadians have tried a natural product to improve their mental health and general well-being during COVID-19, and 10% have tried CBD.

● 65% of Canadians prioritize and trust research-based articles when they discover a new health trend.

● The top three barriers Canadians face when trying to find out how a new health trend or solution can improve their health:

○ They don’t know how they will feel (36%)

○ They don’t know anyone who has tried it (28%)

○ They can’t find reliable research (26%)

About the Société Béatrice

Beatrice Society Inc. exists to change perceptions and share how psychedelics and functional mushrooms are more than food or hallucinogenic drugs: they have the power to transform and improve our overall health and well-being, such as improving cognition, immunity and mental health. .

Beatrice is here to provide a sought-after experience for the emerging psychedelic industry, while being accessible to those looking to better understand and discover new products and therapies.

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